I Am A Disciple Of Jesus!

1 - "I Am A Disciple Of Jesus!"

We are called to be disciples of Jesus which means we are to follow Him and obey Him as Savior and Lord. We must not allow the idea of discipleship to morph into membership, and Christianity to be replaced by "churchianity."

2 - "The Call of Discipleship"

In the call of discipleship that Jesus issued to the first disciples, we learn three important aspects of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, and how to answer the call.

3 - "The Cost of Discipleship"

Billy Graham used to say: "Salvation is free, but discipleship will cost you everything." That is an accurate expression of the teachings of Jesus on the cost of discipleship. In this sermon, we explore what it means to pay the cost of discipleship.

4 - "The Command of Discipleship"

The command of discipleship is found in what we call the great commission. It is the command for all disciples of Jesus to make disciples who will make disciples.  

5 - "The Stages of Discipleship"

It is God's will for people to progress through the stages of discipleship from being spiritually dead, to being a spiritual infant, child, young adult, and parent. We must be able to assess where we are and where others are in the process so we all can grow to maturity.

6 - "The Completeness of Discipleship"

Disciples of Jesus must not compartmentalize their lives, but must allow Jesus to be Lord of all the spheres of our lives. 

7 - "Disciples of Jesus are Characterized by Love"

If we are going to be effective disciples and disciple makers, then our lives and our relationships must be characterized by love. Jesus said that they will know we are His disciples because of our love. 

8 - "Disciples of Jesus are Devoted to Jesus"

Disciples of Jesus are all about following Jesus and helping others follow Jesus. Therefore it is important for disciples to know and teach the truth about who Jesus is and what Jesus expects

9 - "Disciples of Jesus are Guided by God's Word"

It is not possible for us to be faithful disciples of Jesus who make disciples with the Bible playing a proper role in our lives. The lordship of Jesus is exercised when we carefully follow the teachings of the Bible, and we can't follow what we don't know. 

10 - "Disciples pf Jesus Believe in the Power of Prayer"

Disciples of Jesus believe in the power of prayer and use prayer for empowerment in discipleship and ministry.

11 - "Disciples of Jesus are Empowered by The Holy Spirit"

Without the Holy Spirit, the Christian life is impossible. Unless the Holy Spirit is present and doing His work, nobody can be born again, grow in Christlikeness, or accomplish the mission of Jesus. In this sermon, we learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

12 - "Disciples of Jesus Have the Heart of a Servant"

Jesus' own life and purpose was to serve and to give, and as His followers that must be our purpose as well.

13 - "Disciples of Jesus are Engaged in Seeking the Lost"

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. As His followers, who are trying to be like Him, we also must be engaged in seeking and saving the lost.

14 - "Disciples of Jesus Employ the Strategy of Multiplication"

The Great Commission is not about making converts. Rather, it is about making disciples and that task is not completed until each new disciple is enabled to obey everything Jesus commanded, including the command to go and make disciples. This leads to multiplication.

15 - "Disciples of Jesus Will Receive Their Reward"

Faithful disciples of Jesus will receive their rewards in heaven. That's a promise from God.

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