"Emotions are A Gift from God"

1 - "Emotions are A Gift from God"

God has emotions and has created us with emotions so that we might be able to relate to Him and be like Him. God's primary means of bringing about our emotional health and well being is through our spirit and our relationship with God. 

God has given us the ability to feel guilt and shame when we have done what is wrong so that it might lead us to forgiveness and the freedom from guilt and shame. Satan wants to destroy us with the burden of guilt and shame, but in Christ our guilt and shame have been removed. 

3 - "When Fear Envelops You"

God has made us with the ability to experience fear as a part of His loving provision for us. When properly embraced and employed, fear can protect us from harm, motivate us to action, and cause us to reach out to God for the help we need.

4 - "The Danger of Anger"

God has given us the ability to feel anger for good reasons. But these feelings of anger need to be controlled and channeled in the right direction.

5 - "Singn' the Blues"

Even the emotion of sadness is given to us by God for our good. But what should we do when sadness turns into despondency and depression? These three biblical examples show us what to do. 

Bitterness is an emotion that can eat us from the inside out like poison or cancer. Like the biblical character Joseph, there are things we can do to keep bitterness from destroying us. 

7 - "Hope for the Hopeless"

God has given us the ability to feel the emotion of hopelessness, so that we will look for the ultimate source of hope. I believe that the resurrection of Jesus is the greatest source of hope in the universe.

8 - "Those Feelings of Pride"

God has given us the ability to feel the emotion of pride so that we can benefit from good pride and avoid the destructive nature of bad pride. It is important to know the difference between the two kinds of pride.

9 - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

The emotion of love and living a life of love can be very complicated. How do we navigate through all the confusing and emotionally charged stuff involved in love? By knowing God and walking in God's ways. 

God has made us with the ability to feel the emotions of jealousy and envy to enrich our lives, but those emotions can easily lead us into sin. We can counteract jealousy and envy by cultivating gratitude.

11 - "Oh Heart Bowed Down with Sorrow"

The emotions that we will undergo during grieving our losses will possibly be the most painful and confusing experiences we will ever have. God has given us the ability to grieve and has given us spiritual principles and resources to help us through the process

12 - "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"

Loneliness is a universal experience. It is another emotion that God has given us for our well-being. Loneliness can alert us to our need to draw closer to God and to others. God's provision for the lonely is a spiritual family.

13 - "Regret, The Gift Nobody Wants"

God has given us the ability to feel regret so it will lead us to repent and trust God to make something beautiful and useful out of our lives.

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