1 -"Living A God-Centered Life"

As we begin this new series on living a God-centered life, we begin with the need to go from a me-centric mindset to a God-centric mindset. The illustrations of the moon and John the Baptizer are a good place to start.

Our God is great and is full of glory. Just a glimpse of that glory made a difference for Moses, Stephen and Paul. And like them getting a glimpse of God's glory will transform and empower us.

3 - "The Rightness of Divine Self-Promotion"

While it is wrong and inappropriate for us to make it all about us and to devote our lives to self-promotion, it is altogether right and good to make it all about God and for God to be engaged in divine self-promotion.

4 - "God is Holy Different"

The aim of this sermon is to help us to capture a vision of God's holiness so that we realize that we must take God's holiness as seriously as God does and to strive to be holy like God is.

5 - "Our Everlasting God"

As we come to understand that it is all about God and not about us, we must understand that God is eternal, but life is short, and so we must live for God with an eternal perspective. 

Because everything around us is always changing, it is so good to know that our God never changes. God's consistent character, unchanging Word, promises and purposes gives us great strength and stability. How wonderful that we can hold to God's unchanging hand!

7 - "Our God Is Love"

God is not just loving, rather God is love. The fact that God is love is seen in God loving God, God loving His children, His children loving God, and His children loving one another.

8 - “Beholding and Reflecting Our God”

After Moses had beheld God's glory on Mt. Sinai, he could not help but reflect God's glory. That is God's will and plan for us. We are supposed to behold God, become like God, then reflect God to others.

9 - "My Message is All About God"

If we are not careful, we can get in the way of sharing the good news about Jesus and begin to make the message about us. But our message and our ministry must be all about Him and not about us. We must lift Him up, and He will draw people to Himself.

Even when it comes to our salvation, it's all about God. We are saved by God's grace and not by our works. Salvation in Christ is spelled "done," not "do." That's why it's all about God and why it is good news.

11 - "My Body is All About God"

Ultimately everything and everyone belong to God. This includes our lives and our bodies. Christians must dedicate their bodies to God and must use them only as God wills.

12 - “My Struggles are All About God”

Do our struggles and suffering have a reason or a purpose? God can use our struggles and suffering to bring Him glory. But we must make our struggles all about God, and not about us.

13 - "My Success is All About God"

It is God who gives us all our abilities and opportunities. Any success we experience is all because of God, and we must give all glory to God. In this sermon, we see what happened to three men in the Bible when they did or didn't give glory to God for their abilities.

This sermon brings this sermon series to an end. Since it should be our goal to make our lives all about God, then we should do our best to protect God's good name by our life of integrity and character. We are God's ambassadors and let's be the best ambassadors we can be.

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