GOOD GRIEF: Expressing Grief, Finding Grace 

1 -"GOOD GRIEF: Expressing Grief,
Finding Grace"

Because grief, suffering and loss are a part of the human experience, we need to be prepared for it and learn how to grieve and to help others go through the grieving process. This series is based on the book "Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy" by Mark Vroegop.

Suffering, loss and grief are all a part of human experience. Learning to lament during those times will help us work through the grief while holding to our faith in God. This only happens if we keep turning to and talking with God.

3 -"Bring Your Complaints to God"

There is a difference between grumbling and bringing our complaints to God in lament. In this second step of lament, we learn to bring out complaints humbly and honestly to God, which then transitions us to steps three and four, asking and trusting.

4 -"Bring Your Requests to God"

As we continue to discover the way that lament works, we discover that after turning to God, and bringing our complaints to God, the next step is to bring our requests to God. God wants to hear our bold requests.

5 - "Choosing to Trust in the Lord"

The fourth and final step of the lament is choosing to trust in the Lord. This step is critical and it is a decision. It is not a one time decision, but one we must continue to make. The good news is that God will help us to keep trusting Him.

6 - "Learning From Lament"

In addition to the benefits we experience as we pray lament prayers, there are also important things that we can learn through our suffering and times of lament. Using the book of Lamentations, we learn at least two important lessons.

7 - "Living With Lament"

In this last sermon of the series on grief and lament, we explore and engage in how to live with lament. How to employ it with cases of overwhelming grief, and with cases of every day, minor grief. The sermon ends with two examples of lament prayers.

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