One Anothering - Relationships God's Way

1 - "One Anothering"

Real community is hard to find, but the church should be a place where people can find real community. The command to love one another is the most basic and yet the most all-encompassing of the one another commands. The other one another commands are the practical demonstration of how to love one another.

2 - "Devoted to One Another"

What does it mean to be devoted to one another in brotherly love? It requires that we decide to be devoted, then be determined to be devoted, and follow it up with the demonstration of our devotion. That demonstration includes being present, attentive, and expressive.

3 - “Submit to One Another”

Submission is an ugly word in our culture, but it is an important key to spiritual maturity and to experiencing real Christian community. In this sermon we will explore what submission is and isn't, and will learn why it is so important to learn how to submit to one another.

4 - "Accept One Another"

God has created human beings with the need to be loved and accepted. And God has created the church to be the place where God's love and acceptance can be offered and realized. We must learn to accept others and Christ has accepted us.

5 - "Admonish One Another"

One anothering involves many things and some of them balance each other. In the last sermon, we explored accepting one another, and that command is balanced by today's "one another" which is admonish one another. It is so important for us to learn how to give and receive admonition.

6 - “Encourage One Another”

We all need encouragement, and encouragement is one of the most important things we can do for each other. Let's learn to encourage each other by our faithful lives, our presence, and our words.

7 - "Serve One Another"

One of the best ways for us to love one another is to serve one another. Christ has set us free so that we can serve. Jesus is our greatest example of how to be a servant. There is always some way and someone we can serve. 

8 - "Bear With One Another"

Getting along with each other can be a real challenge. The worthy life we are called to includes bearing with one another. Doing so requires humility, gentleness, and patience.

9 - “Pray For One Another”

Prayer is our privilege and responsibility as disciples of Jesus. Praying for one another can make such a difference in each other's lives.

10 - "Bear One Another's Burdens"

Loving one another is the primary command for disciples of Jesus. And bearing one another's burdens is one of the best ways to show our love for one another and to fulfill the law of Christ.

11 - “Spur One Another On”

In this final "one another" from our "One Anothering" series, we explore what it means to spur one another on toward love and good deeds. One of the challenging sides of loving one another, is our duty to provoke and challenge each other to be all that God has called us to.

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