Ruth: Finding God's Gracious Plan in the Midst of Life's Pain

1 - "Experiencing Hardship and Heartbreak"

The story of Naomi and Ruth is about how, as the old hymn says, "God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform." As dark and bleak as things looked in Naomi's life, little did she know that God was at work to bring blessings, to her and through her. 

2 - “Experiencing God’s Favor”

After experiencing hardship and heartbreak in Ruth chapter 1, Naomi and Ruth began to experience God's favor in Ruth chapter 2. Their reaction to God's favor is a good example for us to follow.

3 - “Making A Decent Proposal”

In this sermon on Ruth chapter 3, Naomi encourages Ruth to make a bold and decent proposal to Boaz. From Naomi, Ruth and Boaz we learn the importance of stepping out in faith and doing the right things the right way.

4 - "Trusting God on Life's Journey"

In this final sermon in the Ruth series, God's favor finally breaks through for Naomi and Ruth. Boaz redeems Ruth and becomes her husband and God blesses them with a son. Through that son, God not only blessed them, but blessed Israel and all humanity. Lesson: trust God on Life's Journey.

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