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7 Ones = Unity

When Paul wrote to the Ephesians and discussed the importance of unity, he pointed to seven vitally important "ones" that bring us together and keep us together: One Body, One Spirit, One Hope, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, and One God and Father. This series explores how these seven ones lead to unity.

Assorted Topics

Individual sermons on asorted topics.


The apostle Paul wrote the church at Rome to help them deal with a mounting division between Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians. And the result is an inspiring treatise on the way of salvation and the way of discipleship.

Counterfit Gods

Idolatry is still an issue facing us today. In this 10 part sermon series, we examine the issue of idolatry and the different idols we are tempted to worship in modern times.


Does it matter what a church teaches or are all doctrines about God, the church and the Christian life equally true? If all doctrines are equally true, then why did the Apostle Paul write to churches and individuals warning them to beware of false teachers and false teaching? In this series, we explore different aspects of God’s plan for the church.

Philippians Series – Joy For The Journey

The letter to the Philippians is one of Paul’s most beloved letters. He writes from a Roman prison, and yet he exhibits great joy in Christ and expresses a contentment and strength and can only be found in Christ.

A Man Called Peter – The Touch of the Master’s Hand

No character in the New Testament comes before us in living color, with all of his virtues and faults, as that of Peter. Throughout the centuries, so many followers of Christ have been able to identify with Peter’s faith and hope, as well as his doubts and failures. And so, for this reason, the life and writings of a man called Peter are a great resource for encouragement and development for all who want to be disciples of Jesus.

Abraham –
A Journey of Faith

Abraham is a man who is revered by the majority of the world as the “father of faith.” Abraham’s story is preserved in Genesis, and it tells us much of what we need to know about faith. While each person’s faith journey is unique, Abraham blazed a trail for the rest of us, and his faith journey helps us with our own. The biography of Abraham has much to teach everyone who wants to know the one true God, even an atheist.

Transforming Truths

The Bible is full of truth that can have a profound effect on our lives. In John 8:31-32, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Knowing God’s transforming truths sets us free from all the lies of Satan that have held us captive in lives of sin, failure, and frustration.

Speak Life –
Speaking Words That Heal,
Not Hurt

Communication is the process of expressing how we feel and what we think. On the one hand, the words we use can confuse, embarrass and hurt. On the other hand, the words we use have the power to heal and help, encourage and teach. Because our words have such power and carry so much weight the Bible gives us a lot of guidance and many warnings about communication.

Serving Like Jesus

But what does it really mean to be a servant? What kinds of thoughts and attitudes should a servant have? What kinds of behaviors will come from the right attitude? Are there perils that servants encounter and how do they overcome them? What are the rewards of serving? These are some of the questions and issues that we will be addressing during the series. One of the resources that I will be leaning on heavily is a book Charles Swindoll called “Improving Your Serve – The Art of Unselfish Living.”

Follow Me As I Follow Christ – A Journey with Paul

We have access to more information about Paul’s life and ministry than we have for any other New Testament follower of Christ. Therefore, we have the opportunity to understand how to be more like Jesus through Paul’s example. The primary resource for the series is Charles Swindoll's book Paul: A Man of Grace and Grit.

Hope: The Anchor of God's Promises

Hope is something all of us need, especially during the storms of life. God's promises are the anchor that gives us hope. Other than the Bible, my main resource for this series is Max Lucado's book Unshakable Promises.

Expressing Grief, Finding Grace

Because grief, suffering and loss are a part of the human experience, we need to be prepared for it and learn how to grieve and to help others go through the grieving process. This series is based on the book "Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy" by Mark Vroegop.

I Am A Disciple Of Jesus!

We are called to be disciples of Jesus which means we are to follow Him and obey Him as Savior and Lord. We must not allow the idea of discipleship to morph into membership, and Christianity to be replaced by "churchianity."

"Emotions are A Gift from God"

We often think that our emotions are a burden, rather than a blessing, but nothing could be further from the truth. God created us with emotions so our lives might be enriched. But we do need to learn how to embrace and employ our emotions in a way that is helpful, not harmful.

A Faith That Works

In this introductory sermon for a series on the Book of James, we explore two questions: who is the author and who are the recipients. The sermon also drives home the point that we must be doers of the Word of God and not hearers only.

God Centered Life

Our sinful nature and the world we live in teaches us to be self-centered. We are prone to think it is all about us, but it is not. It's all about God. In this series based on Max Lucado's book, It's Not About Me, we will explore how to live a God-centered life.

Final Week, Eternal Lessons

This series is about the final week of Jesus' life, often called Holy Week. Holy Week actually includes 8 days. It begins with the Sunday traditionally known as Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday. In this series, we seek to discover the eternal lessons that can be learned from what Jesus did and what He taught during the final week of His earthly life and ministry.

Ruth: Finding God's Gracious Plan in the Midst of Life's Pain

The book of Ruth is a powerful story of how God's works in and through His people in during the hardest and darkest of times. God is sovereign and His plans unfold in amazing and joyful ways. In the book of Ruth we learn the importance of trust in the Lord and committed love to each other.

Church Matters - A Study of 1 Timothy

1 Timothy is a letter written from the apostle Paul to the young minister named Timothy. It is a very practical book about the church: it's message, members, minister, and ministry.

One Anothering - Relationships God's Way

Gospel of Mark

Learning to Follow Jesus, Our Servant King - A Study of the Gospel of Mark

7 Ones = Unity

When Paul wrote to the Ephesians and discussed the importance of unity, he pointed to seven vitally important "ones" that bring us together and keep us together: One Body, One Spirit, One Hope, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, and One God and Father. This series explores how these seven ones lead to unity.

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